Policies & Reimbursement

The links below will direct you to Harvard's travel policies, payment options and reimbursement information. 

Travel Policies & Procedures

Description Link
Harvard Travel Policy
Required use of Egencia for University-funded Air Fare for Central Administration Travelers
Reimbursement Policy at a Glance Go
Sponsored Travel Policy

School Specific Travel and Reimbursement Websites

Description Link
Faculty of Arts & Sciences
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Harvard Business School


Business Expense Reimbursements Policy

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Business Expense Reimbursements Policy


Payment Options

Travel and Entertainment Card

Travel and Entertainment Card (also referred to as the Corporate Card) - Harvard's Travel and Entertainment Card is the primary payment method for travel expenses incurred by Harvard employees.  Paid employees who take at least three business trips per year and/or incur entertainment expenses of $5,000 or more per year are strongly encouraged to apply for a Harvard Travel and Entertainment Card.  For information on the benefits of having a Travel and Entertainment Card and how to apply, click here.

Direct bill Airline Tickets to your Department

Harvard employees may directly bill their Airline and Amtrak tickets to departmental General Ledger coding using Harvard's Web Voucher Reimbursement application.  Direct billing is only available for tickets purchased through BCD Travel, a preferred Travel Agency.  For more information on direct billing, click here

Personal Funds

While the Harvard Travel and Entertainment Card is the strongly preferred method of payment for travel expenses, those without access to a Travel and Entertainment Card (students, non-employees, and employee's who may travel too infrequently to apply for a Travel and Entertainment Card) may use cash or a personal credit card to pay for travel expenses.  Note:  Prepaid travel expenses (such as airline tickets) purchased with personal funds will not be reimbursed until after the trip or event has taken place.


Description Link
How to Get Reimbursed
Travel Forms
Electronic Receipt Requirements
2013 Mileage reimbursement
2014 Mileage reimbursement
2015 Mileage reimbursement Go
Per Diem Rates - U.S. Domestic
Per Diem Rates - Foreign
Currency Exchange Rates
Link to WV Reimbursement (Oracle)


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